Member Testimonials

Hear what others say about Executive Agenda's unique approach to learning. 
For more than 30 years Executive Agenda (EA) has experienced consistent growth and high levels of member retention precisely because our best sponsors, members and alumni recommend EA to the best Wisconsin leaders. Their testimonials say more about the value of the EA experience than anything else. Here are just a few:

"I feel that EA has been one of the most rewarding developmental opportunities I have had in my 21+ years in business. Your organization's efforts to assist members become great leaders are unmatched."
Mary Jo Buchberger, Integrity Insurance, Alumni Member of EA 29 (Retired)

"A special component of the EA group is truly realized when one's own topic is on the table for discussion. That component is the level of true caring the group has for each member in the group."
Greg Williams, Associated Financial Group, LLC, Alumni Member of EA 13

"I have been an EA member for 10+ years. I joined to ensure my business learning continued beyond graduate school and to broaden my management perspective. Looking back, I know my involvement with EA has had a significant positive impact on my career, and my employers' success."
John Cannon, Walker Group Holdings, Alumni Member of EA 14

"I need people to be pushing and drive me. The people in my EA group do that for me. Their only agenda is to help me grow, develop and succeed. They hold you accountable, and you do the same for them. The EA Group Chairman tells you not what you want to hear, but what you need to hear, in a caring and nurturing way."
Kimberly Stoll, Badger Meter, Inc., Member of EA 15

"When you're in a business, you need to continuously grow. If you are content with what you are doing, maybe EA is not for you."
Matt K. Andis, Andis Company, Alumni Member of EA 23

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