Who Should Join?

"When you're in a business, you need to continuously grow. If you are content with what you are doing, maybe EA is not for you."
Matt K. Andis, Executive Vice President, Andis Company

Executive Agenda (EA) serves senior managers and executives, other than CEOs and presidents, who are employed by organizations located in the greater metro Wisconsin areas of Appleton, Green Bay, Madison and Milwaukee. Personal traits that typically ensure a successful EA experience include:

  • Passion for learning and personal development
  • Trustworthy and open
  • Effective communicator
  • Action-oriented – desire for results
  • Diversity of experience – education, business and life experience
  • Commitment to peers – "all for one, and one for all"
  • Commitment to confidentiality – "What's said in the room, stays in the room"
  • Commitment to meeting attendance

To help ensure a "healthy" composition, EA groups typically have member guidelines. Although each group's guidelines may vary, and there is always room for exceptions, most include:

  • Organization size – annual revenues of at least $3 million and 50 or more employees
  • No external conflicts of interest – no competitors or major customer/supplier/vendor relationships
  • No internal conflicts of interest – only one member per company per EA group
  • Diversity of experience (managerial and industry), gender and business functions
  • Fits a specific group's chemistry

 A Wisconsin CEO or President?

TEC Wisconsin/Michigan, the organization that pioneered CEO and president peer learning back in 1957, now serves nearly 1,000 CEOs and presidents throughout the two states. For more information on TEC Wisconsin/Michigan, visit their web site at www.tecmidwest.com.

Not located in Wisconsin?

Vistage International (formerly known as TEC International), a peer learning organization for CEOs and presidents, offers a program similar to EA called the Key Executive Program (Key, for short). Key groups operate in many other states throughout the US. For information on Key, visit Vistage's web site at www.vistage.com/programs/key-executives.html.

"Learning is acquired by reading books, but the much more necessary learning . . . is only acquired by reading men and studying all the various editions of them."  Philip Dormer Stanhop

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