Why EA

"I'm not sure what issues I will face tomorrow, next month or next year, but I know that I have a group of people who care enough to help me succeed."  
Jeanne Schaeffer, Application Consultant, WorkWise LLC
Research shows that compared to the general business population, individuals who regularly participate in structured, business issue based, peer learning make better decisions and their organizations achieve better results. Executive Agenda (EA) is Wisconsin's oldest and largest peer membership organization dedicated exclusively to executive development across diverse business functions (excluding CEOs and presidents). What makes the EA experience work is:

Group Quality

Membership in EA is by invitation. This helps to ensure that groups are comprised of high quality, high-integrity executives and managers who are actively committed to their own and each other's learning, growth and success. It also allows Executive Agenda to shape groups around positive chemistry and a diverse mix of business functions, industries and experiences.

Relevant Learning

The heart of EA's unique learning approach is a professionally-facilitated process designed to combine members' diverse, real-world experience with in-depth knowledge of each other and their organizations. This process helps ensure that recommendations, advice, questions and feedback are relevant and specific to an individual's unique circumstances and are more able to produce results.


Long-term, trusting relationships rooted in mutual respect, and a commitment to each other's success ensures that there are always peers or a Chairman willing and able to be a sounding board, review a proposal, challenge an assumption, and provide support and encouragement.


Openness to learning and sharing works because the business of the group, whether in formal meetings, One-on-Ones or informal lunches, is conducted in a results-focused atmosphere of respect, trust, acceptance, confidentiality and safety.

We're all ignorant, just on different subjects."
Will Rogers

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