Executive Agenda is Wisconsin's oldest and largest membership organization dedicated exclusively to executive development across diverse business functions.

Executive Agenda (EA) exists to help its membership - Wisconsin senior managers and executives other than CEOs and presidents - attain high levels of personal and business performance, make superior decisions, and realize improved personal and business results.  

These outcomes are achieved through continuous learning and leadership development rooted in professionally facilitated, small group discussions and individual coaching.

In today's turbulent business climate, leadership development and continuous executive learning may be the only things that provide a sustainable advantage.

  • Imagine what you could be learning, if you could draw on the wisdom of other Wisconsin senior managers personally committed to your success and development.

  • What could you be accomplishing, if your executive growth and continuing education was specific to your unique circumstances?

  • How much more effective would your decision making be, if you could benefit from the perspectives of other professionals who "have been through it before" and represent a wide range of industries, businesses and functions?

Not only is it critical for an organization's leadership to stay current to compete, but executives are increasingly expected to assume responsibility for their own learning and development. In fact, more than ever before, companies are actively recruiting learning-oriented managers. Executive Agenda helps its members engage in continuous education through a unique peer learning and development process built on three key components:

  • Membership in an ongoing, tight-knit, small group of caring, committed and discerning peers. 

  • Individual coaching sessions with a seasoned business professional and confidante. 

  • Group meetings facilitated by a professional Chairman and structured around uncovering diverse insights and working through members' real-world issues.

EA's approach to executive development, growth and learning often must be experienced before its uniqueness can be fully comprehended and appreciated. However, the Wisconsin executives who comprise EA's membership enhance their leadership skills, make better decisions, produce greater results, and build long-term trusting relationships.
If you are a senior manager or executive, other than a CEO or president, and reside in Wisconsin, we invite you to explore whether this unique and powerful form of professional development is right for you. Contact Executive Agenda.

"In the last 30 years I have been a member of numerous business organizations. No organization has ever brought the measurable business benefits that I have received as a member of Executive Agenda."
Bob Burger,
Managing Partner,
RBurger & Associates, LLC

We challenge you to "test drive" Executive Agenda.

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