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Join Us at These Upcoming Events

Take the First Step to Becoming the Leader You Aspire to Be

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Test the waters, solve the puzzles, get the insights. Please come to one of our events and experience EA for yourself. Executive Agenda hosts a variety of events for both prospective members and current members.



A friendly meet and greet for prospective members that are curious about the benefits and how EA can help you.


Private social events for local business and community leaders, prospective members and members to network and experience a unique venue in their primary geographic areas.


Business Leadership Seminars (Executive Fuel) and world-class speakers exclusively for members.

Prospective members and others interested in learning more are invited to attend:

  • EA Information Breakfasts
  • EA Elixirs (informal social events held in our primary geographic areas)


EA membership includes participation in the following:

  • Executive Fuel Seminars – three relevant business leadership seminars per year delivered by world-class speakers and teachers

Executive Agenda also sponsors a variety of events or participate in local “trade” shows, such as: