Benefits of EA Membership

Peers Sharing Business Acumen for Better Decision-Making

While the following are the general benefits that most members realize from their EA membership, the truth is that each member takes something different out of Executive Agenda because of his or her individual circumstances, experiences and backgrounds, and where that person is in his or her life and career.

The greatest benefit might just be the one least anticipated—the rewards of sharing your wisdom for the growth and development of others.


Becky Quick - Why Join EA?

1 An Impartial Board of Advisors

A group of 12-16 experienced, non-competing executives who will assist you in identifying opportunities and resolving business issues plus hold you accountable for the results you want to achieve.


2 Reduced Risk

Candid, direct feedback from peers with no ax to grind reduces the risk of major decisions before they are made.


3 In-Depth Exploration

Significant business and personal concerns receive undivided, thorough attention in One-on-Ones, group sessions, or both, leading to better decision-making, a broader perspective, increased confidence and improved leadership skills.


4 Improve Productivity and Profit

Implement new management ideas and techniques from your Group Chair, the group, extended EA community and exposure to three members-only Executive Fuel seminars.


5 Personal Growth and Development

Expert resources and feedback keep you up-to-speed on cutting-edge management methods in an exciting peer-driven learning environment.


6 Return on Investment

Opportunities found. Problems resolved. Amazing insights provided. Your professional development accelerated. Better business results all-around.