How It Works

It Takes the Power of Three

There are usually three characters at the heart of every classic tale; it takes the same number of essential elements for your Executive Agenda story to play out. Successful membership experiences work because of three vital parts: the Group, the Group Chair (also referred to as the Executive Mentor) and the Extended Community.


The Group

  • Groups are composed of 12-16 members from a variety of functional areas, non-competing businesses and different industries.
  • Meeting agendas include member concerns, problems and opportunities, occasional speakers and the sharing of company best practices.
  • Members caringly and confidentially challenge each other, work through issues and hold each other accountable.

The Group Chair

  • The Executive Mentor conducts confidential One-on-One mentoring/listening sessions with each member on a quarterly basis.
  • Identifies agenda items for full group input based on the One-on-One discussions.
  • Ensures the quarterly meetings are focused, safe, collaborative, challenging and deliver high value.

The Extended Community

  • Members have access to leaders in other EA groups (over 500 members representing more than 300 of Wisconsin’s foremost organizations).
  • Membership includes participation in Executive Agenda’s Executive Fuel program: three relevant business leadership seminars per year delivered by world-class speakers and teachers. These member-wide events also provide great opportunities to interact with individuals from other EA groups.