Executive Development
For Your Team

Executive development is crucial to the long-term success of every organization. It’s more cost effective to develop existing employees into leaders than to hire leaders from outside hoping they will be the right fit for the company.

Whether you believe leaders are born or made, to build a high-performing team, optimize your people’s expertise and prepare the next generation of well-rounded leaders, investing in executive development just makes sense.

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PDF Guide: Developing the Leaders Among Us
Take Your Team to a New Level 

Choosing the right leadership program for your executives can be daunting, especially when you have a entire team that needs development. We get it and we're here to help.

Download this info sheet and learn how you can help your executives become better leaders who inspire others, make better decisions and achieve better results for you and your company.

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The benefits of developing your leaders from within:

  • Increased ability to respond rapidly during challenging times in unpredictable business environments
  • Increased employee engagement and reduced turnover
  • Reduced costs, new lines of revenue and improved customer satisfaction

Avoid the costs of poor leadership

We’re a Wisconsin-based executive development program that focuses on building confident leaders, critical thinkers and problem solvers.

It’s a simple concept with exceptional results. We put inquisitive, non-competing professional peers together in confidential settings and help them learn from each other. We support them with the leadership and mentoring of a seasoned Group Chair or Executive Mentor.

Executive Agenda provides an unparalleled, real-time, pragmatic approach that provides a platform where business leaders can help each other learn, develop and improve their performance within the context of their specific organizations and circumstances. And it works. Research shows that businesses, whose leaders participate in peer-learning organizations similar to Executive Agenda (EA), consistently outperform their competition.  

The formula is pretty simple: better learning = better leaders and better leaders = better results.



“We’ve seen the confidence and commitment of our leaders grow since becoming Executive Agenda members. The value of membership has far exceeded my expectations.”  

Barb Lange, President
R & B Grinding Co., Inc.

Charge the Performance Power of Your Team

As president or CEO, is there someone on your team you believe would benefit from professional development? Tell us more. You can’t afford not to.


Power the Performance of Your Executive Development Program

Man Presenting to a Group of People
  • EA currently has more than 500 members in 44 different groups throughout Wisconsin.
  • The criteria for membership in Executive Agenda include working in Wisconsin as a senior-level executive other than a president or CEO.  
  • While we have members from 300+ organizations of all sizes and industries, Executive Agenda’s “sweet spot” tends to be private and public, for profit and not-for-profit organizations between $10 million and $250 million.


Ask about our “no strings attached” membership fee.
(Fee per individual membership)

$1,125 per quarter ($4,500 annually)
$150 one-time Enrollment Fee for sponsored companies
$350 one-time Enrollment Fee for non-sponsored companies