Diversity & Inclusion

Purpose Statement

Executive Agenda was founded on providing its members a diversity of thought, background and experience. From a member perspective that means diversity in regard to company type, size, industry, function, experience, education, age, gender, ethnicity, race, color, creed and sexual orientation. The more diverse the EA group, the richer the peer member experience.

Meet EA Member Jona Mancuso - VP of Marketing at Carma Laboratories
Member since 2016

Our Intent

  • Provide learning opportunities to enrich the skills of our Group Chairs (Executive Mentors)

  • Provide resources that assist our Group Chairs in providing a learning forum for our members

  • Create a safe environment to allow for full member participation


Why Are We Doing This?

  • Provide an inclusive culture that offers a safe environment for dialogue and to obtain different viewpoints

  • Maintain a diverse pool of thought to enrich the experience of our members

  • Provide the forum to identify better solutions to issues or problems from diverse perspectives

  • Provide an external perspective for EA members and EA member companies

  • Research shows that businesses, whose leaders participate in peer-learning organizations similar to EA, consistently outperform their competition

  • Better learning = better leaders and better leaders = better results