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How It Works

Successful membership experiences work because of three vital parts:

  1. The group of 12-16 you join.
  2. Your Group Chair (also referred to as the Executive Mentor) who independently meets with you and also leads the group.
  3. Access to the extended EA community of over 500 members representing more than 300 of Wisconsin’s foremost organizations.

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What Our Members Are Saying

Being in a leadership role is challenging and, due to today’s fast-paced business world and constant change, I think we have an obligation to continually grow, develop and evolve as leaders. It’s difficult to do this alone, and I believe it takes a multi-dimensional approach to accomplish this including a personal desire and multiple resources. Executive Agenda can play an integral role in holding you accountable and supporting you to become a more effective leader.

Cynthia A. Mand, Academic Affairs Administrator
Medical College of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, WI
EA 3 (Emeritus 14-Year Member)


Executive Agenda makes me a better business leader since I have a peer group to assist me by asking, what has worked? What hasn’t and what else should I be thinking about? I am able to leverage my group members between meetings, I leverage the Group Chair one-on-one, and I have developed endearing friendships that started with EA.

Kris Best, CFO
BVK - Milwaukee, WI
EA 2 (Member since 2013)


Executive Agenda has been a great example of ‘What is Right In Front of Us…We Often Don’t See.’ It is remarkable to see what happens in a room of great minds from various diversified backgrounds that are not afraid to be vulnerable, to see things from another’s point of view, and ask the tough questions that make you pause and look into the mirror.

Jen Yakimicki Guimond, Vice President - Revenue
North Central Group - Middleton, WI
EA 17 (Member since 2010)


Come experience firsthand how Executive Agenda has earned the trust of, and is valued by, so many Wisconsin companies and organizational leaders.

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