How EA Works

There are three core components to the Executive Agenda experience: the Group, the One-on-One with your EA Chairman, and the Meeting.

The Group

There are currently 45 EA groups of 12-15 members each, representing 300+ companies in the greater metro Wisconsin areas of Appleton, Green Bay, Madison and Milwaukee. Members of each group are carefully selected to ensure that: they are high-quality managers in terms of experience, character and commitment; they represent a diverse range of industries and functions; there are no conflicts of interest with other members of the group; and there is positive group chemistry.       

The One-on-One

A One-on-One is an in-person, private discussion between a member and his or her Chairman. They are typically scheduled quarterly, about a month prior to the member's group meeting and last 1½-2 hours. Members determine the One-on-One agenda, and the Chairman functions as a personal advisor, coach and confidante.

The Meeting

Full-day group discussion meetings are conducted quarterly. It is in these sessions that members function as a personal board of advisors for one another. Facilitated by the group's Chairman and utilizing the Seven Step Process, members hone their leadership, communication, and decision-making skills by working through each other's issues, challenges and opportunities.

In addition to Executive Agenda's three core components, membership includes participation in the Executive Fuel program:

Executive Fuel

Three relevant business leadership seminars per year delivered by world-class speakers and teachers. These member-wide events also provide great opportunities to interact with individuals from other EA groups.

 "Executive Agenda provides a way to discuss difficult or confidential topics
which cannot be discussed at work."
D. Doug Sawyer, Vice President, Universal Welding & Engineering

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