The EA Chairman

"My EA Chairman is an exceptional resource, trusted advisor and executive coach.  That alone is worth the price of admission."  Kimberly K. Stoll, Vice President - Sales & Marketing, Badger Meter, Inc.

The Executive Agenda (EA) Chairman, while not the focus of the EA experience, is clearly the catalyst for ensuring that groups are focused, relevant, productive and vital. EA members form a close association with their Chairmen and consider them trusted advisors. Executive Agenda is committed to recruiting and retaining Chairmen of the highest quality and character. The following is a brief profile of EA's current Chairmen.


Undergraduate degree:  100%
Master's degree:  70%
Doctorate degree:  0%
* Half of the degrees are business-oriented, e.g., MBA, BBA.

Chairman Experience

Average tenure in Chairman role:  7 years
Average number of groups served:  2
Average number of members served:  25
Number who were previously members:  16

Business Career Experience

Average years of experience:  41 years
Number with business experience:  100%
Average number of years in corporate top management positions (President, EVP, COO, VP/GM, Senior VP, VP):  17 years 
Most Chairmen view their role as a "calling," as much as a job, and find great satisfaction in being able to share their experience and wisdom for the benefit of their members, while continuing to feed their own passion for learning and growth.

If you are, or know someone who might be, interested in becoming an EA Chairman, please contact the Executive Agenda office.

"A good Chairman is a great questioner and listener - my Chair pulls issues out of me."
Mark LaPorte,
Director of Sales, InterMetro Industries Corporation

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