EA Puts a Twist on Peer-to-Peer Learning

executiveagenda Executive Agenda December 9, 2019

According to GE’s legendary Jack Welch, adapting ideas from outside your circle leads to innovation, and where there’s innovation there’s annual growth, increased profit and competitive advantage.

You know what leads to innovation? Idea-sharing. Most great innovation is created by the exchange of ideas among people representing different businesses and business functions. Typically, innovation does not emerge from within a business or industry. Innovations generating competitive advantage are most likely to occur when ideas are openly shared by people with diverse education, professional experience, personal interests and industry backgrounds.

Pros learning from pros. Teaching each other. Collaborating. When you get down to it, these words can be summed up in one phrase: peer-to-peer learning. And, it’s peer learning that’s paramount to Executive Agenda’s leadership philosophy. Traditionally, peer-to-peer learning is a powerful workplace tool that calls for employees tapping into the institutional knowledge and the experiences of other employees. These employees are in similar roles and share the status of colleagues. Most importantly, they do not wield power over one another by virtue of position or responsibilities.

But here’s the EA twist: Our Executive Mentors strive to create collaborative, reciprocal learning environments outside the office so that members can learn from each other.

Positives of peer-to-peer learning environments

  1. Promote positive interdependence and accountability
  2. Build an active and cooperative learning environment
  3. Increase participation, motivation and student engagement
  4. Improve communication skills, achievement and productivity
  5. Promotes ownership of learning and deeper understanding of new concepts

As an EA member you have the structure, platform and peers to acid-test your thinking before decisions are made and to share experiences and insight. In an age when time is short, but problems more complex, your EA group is a relevant, powerful resource.

Peer learning works. EA provides a unique, safe process for sharing knowledge and stimulating innovation. Members are encouraged to use the power and diversity of their groups for personal and corporate growth.

Do you have some sort of significant issue or need an idea that might drive competitive advantage for your company? Put it on the table and take advantage of what your EA group members have to say. 

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